Same Day Trucking

Cross Docking

We are in a great location, just down the street from the Mira Loma, CA Costco Distribution Center, with immediate access to 3 major freeways, perfect for meeting and swapping freight. Don't have the time?...We can deliver it for you!
While our trucks provide regular Ground service throughout Southern California, we also specialize in SAME DAY/EXPRESS trucking. We can guarantee Next Day deliveries and most Same Day / Immediate shipments (depending on the time you call it in, where it's going, and how late your customer receives)!

Appointment Scheduler

Refrigerated Services

We have 24' and 53' reefer units in our fleet, for those cold & frozen shipments.

Warehousing/ Storage

We are in a brand new, clean, up-kept facility near the Ontario Airport. We have immediate access to 3 major freeways and are 30-60 minutes away from most Southern California Counties! We store your products according to your required specifications. We also implement our own minimum standards of First In-First Out, Double Count Verification, Computerized & Manual Inventory, Minimum carrier wait time, and courtesy notifications of low or "out of stock" inventory or backorders.


"Truckload" freight, usually over 10,000 lbs. Regular Same Day truckload service through most of Southern California.


"Less-Than-Truckload" freight, usually under 10,000 lbs. Regular ground service within Southern California. 




We have full consolidation abilities and are in a PERFECT location for consolidating freight coming in or going out of Southern California.
We have full distribution abilities and are in a PERFECT location for distributing freight throughout all of Southern California. Avoid layovers and get your trucks back on the road and let us deal with LA's infamous traffic!
Small, usually time sensitive shipments within a local area.
Our Guarantee

We guarantee your shipment will be on-time and delivered to your specifications or we will discount or credit your account!

CALL US....and let us know how we can assist you...
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